UNYmac Machine for curving profiles

Calender machine for curving profiles with the appropriate punched slots

Unymac is a special calender machine for curving profiles and skirting in aluminum that is easy to transport and operate.
Curves and customised shapes can be obtained to adapt the profiles to the flooring or to the covering in a quick and simple way and save a lot of time.

Curved profiles are ideal for mosaic flooring, between wood and ceramic, containment of carpet or wood and resin floors.

Instructions for curving profiles:

  • Cut the profile to the size required.
  • Curve the profile between the calender making it move between the main roller and the three opposing smaller rollers.
  • Manually run the profile backwards and forwards several times, closing the wheel with the biggest diameter every time by using the knob.
  • Once you have reached the curvature required you can anchor the profile to the support by fixing it, if necessary, with screws.