Unydeco, young and flexible company

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Unydeco manufactures and distributes technical profiles for the laying and finishing flooring in ceramic, laminate, carpet, and floor coverings generally.
Young and flexible company from 2006 have been creating and puting in its catalogue numerous profiles, taking inspiration from past to present and future needs: we have continuous dialogue with our customers and this collaboration has already listed Unydeco as a constant supplier for professionals of the flooring industry.

Commitment and constancy will increasingly grow in a company whose aim is the satisfaction of its customer; some highly performing and technical profiles have already been tested; others are under research and further realization.
The purpose of Unydeco is not only the construction of profiles in the most varied alloys and materials, but rapid deliveryof any even small order.
Dynamism, flexibility and a look at needs of ever-changing market will be the winning weapon of Unydeco and its customers.